occupied Holland 1940-45

Occupied Holland

n the men alloy space 17 is an exhibition with a collection of WW2 1940-1945. Admire the original consumables and other things from everyday life in that period.



soldaten verblijf voor 24 soldaten

The collection, which here a small impression, has been trawled by Luc Brand. If you are interested in, or even own  newspapers, photographs, diaries, identity, surrogates, bayonets, equipment, helmets, uniforms of resistance, NSB, Youth Storm, German and Allied armies, etc, etc by yourself, please contact with L. Brand, usually on the spot, or call 023-5387343. You can also use the contact form.

fiets met houten banden

fiets met houten banden




stencilmachine voor illegale pers

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