De Vrijwilligers van Stichting “Fort aan Den Ham”


gras maaien

The Foundation “Fort of Ham” is a foundation without any subsidies or other contributions. Income is from entrance fees of open days, excursions and some canteen contribution. To keep the fortress into a displayable and accessible state and to rebuild the historical interior, the use of volunteers is indispensable. We have a diverse team. Every skill is available.

The group of volunteers attends throughout the year on every Wednesday the fort between ± 10:00-16:00. There are then various chores done, nailed, painted, decorated and refurbished exhibition spaces. The lavish landscaping on and around the fort has all the attention of the volunteers.hout constructies

Other volunteers, who cannot be present by the week due to their daily work, attend at other times, in consultation, their contribution. And there are volunteers who are primarily concerned with the maintenance and management of exhibitions and collections.

There are also volunteers acting as guide  on guided tour and open days. Some knowledge of the forts and the Defence Line of Amsterdam is of course included.



We also get the occasional help of the Clusius College maintenance landscaping.
Scouting The Geuzen from Alkmaar helps us regularly with all kinds of jobs and chores. Stadsherstel Amsterdam, tenant of the entire defense fort area, the foundation supports the use and restoration of the fort building

wachthuisjeOn the last Sunday of the month from April to October is usually almost everyone present.
Then there are guided tours and guides walk through the fort to the people to point out the beautiful details which  in the fort can be seen. Offering a good cup of coffee for the visitors  and guarding the entrance belongs therefore also to the tasks.

Do you have time and interest in participating as a volunteer in our objective:

The Foundation aims cultural – nature – and military-historical values ​​of the Fort to retain c. q. to improve individuals and institutions to familiarize themselves with the historic fortress and fortifications annexis cum in and around Amsterdam in particular the “Defence Line of Amsterdam” where Fort aan den Ham is part of.

then you are welcome at any of our (work) Wednesdays or Sundays open.
Our volunteers will gladly answer all your questions. Telephone in the fort canteen is 06 13230116.
You can also contact us via info@fortaandenham.nl or the secretariat at telephone 075 6424395

Perhaps we see each other soon.